Interventional Pain Management Workshop

Kertha Usada Hospital helds a monthly workshop focusing on hands-on interventional pain management procedures. The workshop is supervised by dr. I Ketut Ngurah Gunapriya, SpAn, KIC, FIPP, CIPS, FIPM and dr. Cindy Henrietta Nasrani, MBiomed, SpAn, FIPM, FIPP.

What you will learn

Pain Diagnosis and Examinations

Chronic pain diagnosis and examination is a unique process, different than what you have learned in your specialty training. Learn the tips and clue to diagnose your patients.

Ultrasound Scanning for Interventional Pain Procedures

Learn how to utilize your ultrasound for interventional pain procedures. We recommend participants to already have some basics in ultrasound scanning.

Fluoroscopy / C-Arm Image Guided Procedures

Use the fluoroscope / C-arm for image guided pain procedures. 

Hands-on Procedures on Live Patients

Real patients with real pain come to the pain clinic every day. You can help them and train your skills. 

Patient Safety in Interventional Pain Management

Do no harm.. our principle in medicine, also in interventional pain management. Make sure you know what is safe for your patients.

Starting Up Your Own Pain Clinic

Kertha Usada Hospital’s Pain Clinic is one of the first pain clinic established in Indonesia, get a new perspective in how to run your pain clinic.

Study Highlights

  • Muskuloskeletal ultrasound
  • Nerve entrapment ultrasound
  • Facet joint with ultrasound and C-Arm
  • Transforaminal injection with C-Arm
  • Sacroiliac joint injection with ultrasound and C-Arm
  • Piriformis injection with ultrasound
  • Stellate ganglion block with ultrasound and C-Arm
  • Frozen shoulder injection with C-Arm
  • Genicular block with ultrasound and C-Arm
  • Radiofrequency in pain management
  • Sympathetic blocks with C-Arm
  • Caudal epidural injection with ultrasound and C-Arm

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