Test yourself : Trigeminal Ganglion Block

Test yourself : Trigeminal Ganglion Block

QUIZ: trigeminal ganglion block


Question #1

Superiorly, the trigeminal ganglion is bounded by:

a. cavernous sinus
b. temporal lobe of the brain
c. brain stem

Question #2

Which is NOT innervated by the trigeminal nerve:

a. sensation of the oral mucosa
b. sensation of posterior cranial fossa
c. sensation of periodontal membrane

Question #3

Which branch of the trigeminal ganglion has motoric and sensoric innervation?

a. ophtalmic
b. maxillary
c. mandibular

Question #4

Which is the landmark in the trigeminal ganglion block under fluoroscopic guidance?

a. needle should be directed toward the pupil when seen from the front of the face
b. needle should be directed 3 cm anterior to the ramus mandibula when seen from the side
c. entry point is 1 cm lateral to the commisura labialis

Question #5

To target the mandibular division, the needle should be aimed to which part of the foramen ovale?

a. lateral
b. middle
c. medial

Question #6

Which is NOT a sign of local anesthetic affecting the brain stem function after a trigeminal ganglion diagnostic block?

a. bilateral headache
b. diplopia 
c. loss of corneal reflex

Question #7

Which is an acceptable test stimulation result for trigeminal ganglion lesion : 

a. No tingling-like sensation on stimulation at 50 Hz with >0.5 V
b. No motoric response on stimulation at 2 Hz with >1.5 V
c. Muscle contraction of the lower mandible at 2 Hz with 2 V

Question #8

What is the most common complication of RF lesioning of the trigeminal ganglion?

a. loss of corneal reflex
b. facial numbness
c. motor deficit of the mandibular nerve

Question #9

What is the desired impedance for RF lesioning of the trigeminal ganglion?

a. 300 – 450 ohm
b. 450 – 500 ohm
c. 500 – 550 ohm

Question #10

What is the possible recommended treatment needed for post-procedure care? 

a. diphenhydramine as an antisialagogue
b. warm compress for facial swelling
c. steroid for post-procedure swelling

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